Shawn Dhanak
Media Relations and Messaging Manager

About Shawn

Well before attending Michigan State University, Shawn had long recognized in himself a passion and talent for storytelling. Since his college days, he has dedicated a career toward helping others share their stories in strategic, impactful ways. Shawn brings extensive strategic communication and marketing experience – nearly as diverse as our clients. He has spearheaded communication battle plans for healthcare and environmental advocacy groups, given brand makeovers to organizations and individuals, and held leadership roles on winning political campaigns, both local and federal. Serving as a Media Relations and Messaging Manager, Shawn works to build and implement winning public relations strategies using a concert of tools and tactics.

Based in our Burbank office, Shawn’s as proud to call Michigan his home state as he is to call Southern California home today. Outside of serving our clients, you'll find him smiling when he's wandering on his bike, hiking hills or mountains, exploring coffee shops and eateries in different neighborhoods, and playing or refereeing hockey. Ask him what his favorite LA moment has been so far, and he'll beam with excitement when he tells you, "That time when I gave Steve Carell a penalty while refereeing his game, and he gave me a few choice words back."
  • Education
    • Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Humanities Pre-law
  • Explores near and far

  • Loves playing and refereeing hockey

  • Cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities

  • Studying history and etymology

  • Loves cooking

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