Bright Ideas for Service: World Ocean Day

You know we all love goin’ Downey Oshun, Hon!

A. Bright Idea counts itself fortunate to have teams on both coasts, with offices in Sonoma and Burbank, California and Bel Air, Maryland. Why? Well, in part because we get a front-row seat to the special role our oceans play in the environmental health and economic well-being of adjacent communities on land we serve. And so we’re proud to work on projects with several clients that deal directly – and even indirectly – with Earth’s most prominent feature and one of its most vital to us.

Accounting for around three-quarters of Earth’s surface, land’s big brother demands our respect and collected, concerted conservation efforts. To recognize World Ocean Day and buoy work to safeguard this precious resource, we donated to The Ocean Foundation, a non-profit that supports, strengthens and promotes “those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.”

However you decide to mark and celebrate the day, we encourage you to be part of the change. Here are a few ways you can join us:

  • Host a beach clean-up
  • Talk to friends, family and neighbors about thinking before they throw waste, especially cigarette butts
  • Donate to a local, national or international organization as we did
  • Use less plastic
  • Be more mindful of your carbon footprint

It’s one of the many ways we reflect our dedication to service, one of our core values. We look forward to illuminating more ideas for you and your organization to support communities.