Shining a Light Toward the Future

The end of the year often serves as a time for reflection and after a year celebrating our silver anniversary, I find myself looking ahead to the future and imagining what the world, industry and this company might look like during our golden anniversary in 2046.

In these first 25 years of business, I witnessed how the push to digital and the use of social media created a tectonic shift in the media landscape for advertising and public relations professionals. I remember in the early years of A. Bright Idea, a client offered to pay for a website design, and I didn’t think websites were needed by everyone. Today, potential customers/clients decide if they want to do business with you just by looking at your website.

I’m proud of our collection of client success stories from the past 25 years and feel it’s a testament to our ability to transform our methods and meet client needs.


Reaching that 50-year milestone will represent a lifetime’s worth of work from a 26-year-old thinking she just needed something temporary until her next job came along. The majority of the past 25 years have not felt like work because of all the joy it brings, which I hope is still the case in whatever capacity I’m in down the road.

I hope to still be working with lots of my friends and even see my kids involved in the business, although hopefully I’m not working as hard then as I am now – that’s what the next generation is for. I can’t wait to see how A. Bright Idea’s history continues to blossom and define a meaningful legacy.


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is to not get overwhelmed or panic. If you can stop looking at things so broadly and focus on what you have to do next, you’ll get through any challenging time. Whatever the future may hold, I look forward to seeing how the journey continues.